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themisfitpokeduo said: Good luck finding it!ask-sandile said: *offers self to the gods in exchange for Taffy’s sketch book*askthevictorypokemon said: I’M GIVING IT A NEGATIVE MOMENT OF SILENCE IN HOPES THAT THAT WILL INVERT ITS ABSENCE SOMEHOW. *PROCEEDS TO SCREECH FOR THE NEXT FEW MINUTES*

THANK YOU FOR THE WELL WISHES SACRIFICES AND SCREECHES BROS THEY ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED, but sadly it is nowhere to be found. So another half moment of silence for the AWOL book to make the previous half a whole. I’ll just have to do my best to remember what was all in it and recreate what I can. \o\

SILVER LINING THO I got to put together a new minisketcher! And a kid thought they were neat so I made her one too! /o/

A half moment of silence for the mini sketchbook I think I lost that had a bunch of ask and meme response concepts in it.

Only a half moment because there is a CHANCE it’s actually at work on my desk. I REALLY HOPE IT IS.


Comparing the Bros heights to one another and their species average. I didn’t crop the space at the top cause somemon else will be added eventually~

Height chart belongs to be my bro over at askthecham~


Jacqueline Ironwing - Koffing - Female

Age: Baby - Just a few months old

Height: 1’

Ability: Levitate

Jolly & Highly Curious

Favored Moves: Flamethrower, Smog, Smokescreen, Tackle


Dislikes: Being ignored, being bored, NOTHING TO CHEW

{ Also belongs to lynionpoe }


Diego - Kirlia - Male

Age: “14”

Height: 3’1”

Ability: Trace

Bold & Mischievous

Favored Moves: Flash, Hidden Power - Fire (learning), Magical Leaf, Psyshock, Teleport

Likes: HIS BROS, Surfing, anything involving a big ADRENALINE RUSH

Dislikes: Hurricanes


Xavier “Xay” - Riolu - Male

Age: “9”

Height: 2’

Ability: Steadfast

Impish & Likes To Thrash About

Favored Moves: Copycat, Fling, Fury Cutter, Low Kick

Likes: HIS BROS, Laughing till it hurts, MORE laughing, Hugging REALLY soft and cuddly things

Dislikes: Being alone


Shaun Jr “Junior” - Lopunny - Male

Age: “16”

Height” 3’6”

Ability: Cute Charm

Naughty & Somewhat Of A Clown

Favored Moves: Bounce, Dizzy Punch, Role Play, Strength, Substitute, Thunder Punch

Likes: HIS BROS, Pranks (on others or himself, they’re all funny!), Cooking

Dislikes: Crappy food, Mons picking on his bros, Anything that’s TOO serious, his Ability



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If Diego’s parents hadn’t got tired of family drama and taken a different route back to the isles…

Then he an Alejandro would be traveling around with a huge group of young mons they’d adopted, kinda like how Dro does now with his remaining siblings.  The lil ones would call them both dad causing them to get funny looks not just cause they’re dudes but because they’re obviously blood relatives. But the boys just let folks assume they’re a couple cause they find the looks mons give them hilarious

Dro would be the dramatic over protective daddy who wants the kids within eyesight at all times and Go would just be that super chill dad that always let em run off on their own.

And every festival they return to the isles for, they have a big fight over whether or not they should participate in the evolution ceremony. Dro wants to evo but he wants to do the race with Diego, BUT he doesn’t want to let the kids out of their site. And Diego’s just all DUDE they will be fine, if you wanna do this thang we can go run the race brah. Then Dro spends the rest of the festival changing his mind from yay to nay until it’s too late then grumbles about not doing it for weeks afterwards and Diego’s just all *SMH* “Really brah??”

They’d prolly not evolve until their mid or late “30’s” like that.